Introducing Autoglym Carbon Shield exterior and interior coatings.
Get the best car paint protection and interior protectors in Perth for new and used vehicles.

Autoglym CARBON SHIELD is your complete vehicle protection system for interior and exterior protection that is applied by only approved applicators to your car’s paintwork, upholstery, carpets, leather and glass.

Autoglym Carbon Shield Australia


Maintain that new car feeling for up to 7 years* by protecting your car from the day you drive it home.

EXTERIOR Car Protection

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CARBON SHIELD Exterior Coatings

Ultra-durable coatings protecting paintwork against harsh contaminants and providing exceptional water repellency for side and rear windows.

INTERIOR Car Protection

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CARBON SHIELD Interior Coating

The ultimate Interior coating, protecting car seats, fabrics, leather upholstery and carpets against permanent marks and stains.

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GUARANTEED 7 Year* Protection

Maintain that new car feeling for up to 7 years*, so your vehicle will remain in top condition from the day you drive it home.

The Benefits

  • Protects paintwork against harsh contaminants and the elements to lock in colour and shine.
  • Protects fabric and leather upholstery and carpets from permanent marks and stains.
  • Provides exceptional water repellency for side and rear windows and makes glass easier to clean.
  • Makes cleaning extremely easy and incorporates a simple maintenance range.
  • Aftercare is simple and straight forward using the widely available Polar Range.
  • Guaranteed 7 year* warranty

Find an Approved Carbon Shield Applicator

Find an approved carbon shield applicator for your vehicle. Simply fill out the form below; we will be in touch with a list of approved applicators available in your area.

Become an Approved Applicator

In order to apply Carbon Shield, you must be an approved applicator. Become an approved Carbon Shield Applicator in WA. Simply fill out the form to start the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get Carbon Shield for my Car?

Autoglym Carbon Shield is applied only by approved Autoglym Carbon Shield applicators. Simply fill out the form below to find an approved applicator or to become an approved applicator, please contact us.

What is included in a Carbon Shield Application?

Exterior Application includes an application for glass and the surface of your vehicle.

Interior Application includes applications for carpet, fabric and leather (excluding plastic surfaces).

Is Carbon Shield the same as LifeShine?

Carbon Shield is the International version of Autoglym’s professional coating systems.

Do I need to be an Approved Applicator to Apply Carbon Shield?

Yes, you do need to be an approved applicator in order to comply with the Autoglym Carbon Shield warranties.

Please contact us to find out how to become an approved applicator.

How do I look after my Carbon Shield coatings?

Aftercare is simple and straight forward using the widely available Polar Range.

Can Carbon Shield be used to Protect Leather Seats?

Yes – the applications are great for protecting leather seats.

Can this be Applied to New Cars?

Yes – We recommend car dealerships and car detailers to apply the Carbon Shield paint and interior protection before cars are delivered to the new owner.

If you are a car dealership or detailer looking for paint and interior protection products in Perth contact us for pricing

*Terms & Conditions of Warranty: With the CARBON SHIELD system, you’ll also receive a 7 year warranty. Subject to reasonable ongoing care and only on applications applied by approved Carbon Shield Applicators – Further terms and conditions apply. 

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